A comprehensive analysis of go ask alice a novel by beatrice sparks

It also details her difficult, uphill battle back to sobriety.

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With these words, we are accepted into the girl's life, and into her heart and mind. Sparks had reportedly noted that the general public at that time lacked knowledge about youth drug abuse, and she likely had both educational and moral motives for publishing the book.

She expresses her awareness regarding the danger of drugs, but ponders if the pleasure they provide is worth it. Readers often look forward to seeing their favourite novel be brought to life; however, when the adaptation is not done correctly it can bring a great deal of disappointment The Diarist and Chris vow to quit using drugs and to find gainful employment.

Women stays indoors to do chores and maintain the house, whereas men go out to do work to provide for the family. If she would ever sleep with a boy she would sleep with him. On the one hand, the Mama seeks to protect her heritage by being an honest hard-working mother that cares about the people in her life not the resentment she faces for being an African American.

A comprehensive analysis of go ask alice a novel by beatrice sparks

She grows increasingly alienated and depressed, retorting to binge eating and gaining weight. By , more than three million copies of the book had reportedly been sold, [31] and by the paperback edition had been reprinted 43 times. It is written a series of events in the form of multiple diary entries. However, she has not have sex sober yet. The dates and locations mentioned in the book place its events as occurring between and in California , Colorado , Oregon , and New York City. Afterwards, Roger, a guy she used to like, comes back to town, and they reconnect. While boogie fever swept dance floors, young men were sent off to die in a war that they could never win. Richard Nixon was in office and his scandal was to influence politics for years to come. She is then introduced to marijuana and is now using as well as selling it. The album title itself comes from a passage in the book in which the diarist refers to a mental hospital as a "freak wharf". Near the beginning of her diary, she writes about how when she dies she wanted to be crimated instead of buried. She worries that she may be pregnant, and her grandfather has a minor heart attack.

According to Mikkelson, the writing style and content—including a lengthy description of an LSD trip but relatively little about "the loss of [the diarist's] one true love", school, gossip or ordinary "chit-chat"— seems uncharacteristic of a teenage girl's diary.

This discontinuation of poverty driven physical labor shines through Dee as she grows to know more of her heritage throughout her years in school. InAlice Munro wrote, "Boys and Girls" to address the confusion that gender roles may cause in a modern society.

She has apparently been biting her fingers down to the bone; she relates this to the death of her grandfather.

Her increasing desire to become a guidance counsel shows. It didn't just happen overnight.

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