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As for the social responsibility, AML runs one madrasa, one college and one Etimkhana for the poor people of the village Brijesswar in Brahmanbaria under the financing of AML Foundation. Within a few decades, the organization diversified its operation in other industries, especially in food and beverage industry.

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Since and onwards, we have led others to follow. Short Term Goals AML aims to be one of the top market leaders, if not the supreme, while maintaining its profit and goodwill assuring maximum benefit to its clients and employees.

Even the unit has its own Cargo Vessels to service the Southern part of the country where waterways is holding a major part of the land.

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Dominance of substitute beverage products like fruit juice. In , it was awarded to develop one of the first private economic zones of the country i. This narrow band of diversification has cost them to lose valuable market share in the industry. Thus, the market share of Abdul Monem Ltd. Strategic Objective Abdul Monem Limited is open and trustworthy to all its business partners and consumers. The distributor for the rest of the country is Tabani Beverage, who gets the supply of beverages from AML. However, since AML is authorized for distributing its products only in half of the regions of the country, they made a strategic alliance with the enterprise, Tabani Beverage, that distributes on the other half of the country. Weakness 1. The vision guides its personnel to a definite direction and provides an idea about its utilization of its potentials. They are result oriented, accountable, open and humane. Long Term Goals Guided by the vision, AML believes in ensuring long term existence by being profitable, successful and sustainable. SWOT analysis provides a good overview of whether its overall situation is fundamentally healthy or unhealthy and provides the basis for crafting strategy on every front. International brand image of Coca Cola 2. Through three bottling plants located in Dhaka, Comilla and Chittagong and with a devoted distribution channel spread all around the country, AML has well established its strong and dominant presence in beverage industry of Bangladesh.

The acquisition of the distributorship of the whole Bangladesh will be a great opportunity for AML. While the accounts and finance division is separate for the beverage unit of AML, the Human Resource Department works for the whole enterprise as a whole.

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To maintain an organizational profile that is trustworthy to all its stakeholders, AML gives more priority to provide a uniform balance on all objective fronts. AML only have four products in its beverage line, so clearly they are not going for Broad Differentiation. We also take great pride in contributing to the community and society as a whole through active corporate social responsibility and engagement. Mainuddin Monem and Mr. Also in the canned beverage market, Abdul Momen Ltd. Till , the authorized bottler of Coca Cola for Bangladesh was entitled to K. Almost all of the rivals have diversified their PET bottled line of beverage to suit the volume difference of the clients, whereas Abdul Monem Ltd. Any violation from the required standard would result in a cancellation of the license. It has its own plants for producing raw materials and own diverse and well equipped distribution channel for distributing the finished product.

They produce no products for any niche group or for any special price facilitated groups.

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