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He just happens to use time-travel rather than Rohypnol. Eventually he tracks her down at a party, and the rest is essentially one long happy ending.

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So Tim uses his unique powers to rewrite his sexual history before the ink is even dry: he rewinds time to earlier in the evening so that he can emerge with more prestige from his first time in bed with Mary. Has Tim not committed something that would play in any other genre as date-rape? Advertisement One major caveat: You can only revisit and revise portions of your own life. Unlike that film she has no knowledge of his powers, resulting in a "fundamental lack of honesty in their relationship". Tweet After seeing "About Time," a time-travel fantasy that is basically " Groundhog Day " with Brit accents, a nice-bloke hero and minus a rodent unless you count a rat of a boyfriend , I realize I have a problem. By the evening, he has wormed his way into her bed. That the stars of the show are none other than the esteemed Richard Griffiths and Richard E. Bean—an enterprise that is essentially Jacques Tati's Monsieur Hulot for dummies—and his unwatchable second directing effort, " Pirate Radio ," that saw the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Nighy Curtis's go-to secret weapon of mass appeal go down with the ship amid much sleazebag behavior. I do draw the line, however, with his efforts with Mr.

Unfortunately, all does not go to plan, and the experience is over rather more quickly than might have been hoped. Reader, she marries him. The film's internal logic about time travel was also criticised in other reviews: The Independent says the explanation of time travel is "shockingly inadequate" and that "Curtis keeps leaving questions unanswered — time and time again" [22] Steve Cummins of the Irish Post refers to Tim travelling backwards and forwards in time when he says the film is "riddled with plot holes" [23] Matthew Turner points out the "big problem is the unsightly pile-up of plot holes and logic problems" [24] Kate Erbland of Film School Rejects states "the rules and limitations of Tim's gift aren't exactly hard and fast, and the final third of the film is rife with complications that never get quite explained.

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Ryan Gilbey is the New Statesman's film critic. By the evening, he has wormed his way into her bed.

About time

Phil uses the curse of repetition to gain precisely the same nature of carnal advantage that Tim engineers for himself. But do stay, if only to witness Nighy's awesome ping-pong pantomime at the very least. That disastrous scene in the new movie, though, is not without value. This will be much less of a problem elsewhere, especially among Anglophiles in the U. Endearingly maladroit in the manner of early Hugh Grant characters, Tim learns a secret from his dad on his 21st birthday: The men in their family are capable of time travel. If anything, that moral dimension adds weight and risk to every laugh. When I first saw the scene in isolation, I laughed. The sort of part that Hugh Grant should think about taking on once he has tired of portraying grizzled vigilantes and depraved porn barons.

Grant in invaluable cameo roles and that they end up provoking some of the biggest laughs of the movie demonstrates why Curtis is a comedy genius. When I first saw the scene in isolation, I laughed. About Time is released on 4 September.

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Rules that previously applied suddenly don't apply Curtis wrote a similar scene, hinging on a woman being oblivious to the exact nature of her sexual relationship with a man, in the most unsavoury part of The Boat That Rocked.

There he encounters an American named Mary Rachel McAdams at her most infectiously fetching who is mad about Kate Moss, prattles on about her too-short bangs while referring to them as "fringe" and will be revealed to have quite good taste in stylish frocks.

So while Tim knows that he has had sex with Mary multiple times, and we have been let in on that secret, she is oblivious.

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It uses all the time travel stuff but without it feeling like it's a science fiction thing particularly or without it feeling that time travel can actually solve your life.

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