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The Other Place, with utterly expert direction from Tass and a powerful performance from Catherine McClements, shows that the Australian theatre can take a contemporary piece of dramatic mesmerism and do it at the highest level. In Boy Erased, she plays Nancy, a Christian parent who sends her teenage son to conversion therapy.

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The person in the center ring can say anything she wants to anyone, anywhere. These are all fair-game questions for interviewing Nicole Kidman. Empathy runs through her like a current. Mar 23 Andrew Zaeh for Bustle Think about the most alluring people in your life; the ones who are so warm and inviting, and yet just a little bit mysterious.

In one startling—and revealing—finding, 64 percent of people said that the first thing they notice about someone is how attractive he or she is.

Of course you do, because the odds are extremely high that you have seen her in at least one of these films, and even higher that she has appeared in a movie you have seen in the last year. Each step has a name. The Other Place is partly a drama of moral complexities in which the woman confronts the phantoms and guilts of her past, partly a play about a predicament of which she is the victim.

And yet Mrs. Weight Is More Than a Number It may not be a shocker to learn that being overweight is stigmatized in our culture. Home in closer on this theme and here's what you find: 61 percent of men and women think their lives would be better if they were more attractive, 64 percent of people said their appearance has helped them get assistance from a stranger, and 62 percent said it has gotten them better service in a store.

But in the era of social media, that evolution has been expedited times 10 zillion. Rachael Beck may not quite look the part as Truly Scrumptious but she sings like a goddess.

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Nothing Keeps Nicole Kidman From Her Work