An analysis of feeling

According to Gary Klein, psychologist and award-winning author of several books on how people make decisions, it is not about analysis nor gut instinct, but rather a case of both. This interpretation misses all the nuances of the poem and creates inexplicable contradictions.

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This is strong imagery. We act without any meditation. This suggests that everything that separates us from chimpanzees must be encoded in that very small amount of DNA, including our behaviors.

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If we are paying attention only to syntax, we are not seeing the holy in wholly. Add to that vivid imagery, all wrapped up in an erratic syntax, and there is the recipe for a unique form of poetry.

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So for example in stanza two, line 9 : A Quartz contentment, like a stone - Here the contentment is Quartz, that hard, shiny crystal mineral. Alternatively, there are five: pleasure and mental pleasure, pain and mental pain, and neutral sensation. The imminent and inconvenient arrival of strong affect, such as floods of tears, or the rise of panic, might be registered, but dodging or weaving is in vain. It explores internal pain whilst naming actual anatomical parts such as the nerves, the feet and the heart. We choose with our minds, and this requires syntax. The poem can be split into three: Stanza 1 - internal reaction to suffering and time post trauma stress Stanza 2 - physical reaction in nature paralysis Stanza 3 - unresolved ending existential crisis The formal feeling in the first stanza is the key to what will follow: a bodily numbness where the nerves are personified as they 'sit ceremonious' like formal people at a service but here portrayed in a simile as Tombs, containers of the dead, cold and heavy. The ending is open, finished off with a dash. Google Scholar Thrift, N.

Note that, throughout the poem, different rhythms are set up through varying meter, line length and syntax, including conventional punctuation such as commas, and, typical of Emily Dickinson, her unusual preference for dashes.

In some contexts, the expression of emotion both voluntary and involuntary could be seen as strategic moves in the transactions between different organisms. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

An analysis of feeling

In Adkins, L. Emotions were thus a result of two-stage process: general physiological arousal, and experience of emotion. New York: Harcourt Brace and Company. Research on social emotion also focuses on the physical displays of emotion including body language of animals and humans see affect display. Download preview PDF. Line five to six then represent him wishing he could have back his lost innocence. Stanza 3 Stanza 3 is a kind of conclusion to what has gone before. Lines two to three together actually gives us a complete subject—basically a person who pays attention to the synax of things. Both types of rhyme are found in couplets two lines , the slant at the beginning of stanzas one and three, the full at the end of each stanza. In literature and film-making, the expression of emotion is the cornerstone of genres such as drama, melodrama, and romance. Most contemporary neuroscientists would endorse a modified James—Lange view in which bodily feedback modulates the experience of emotion. You could say that the slant rhymes signify unease or tension, whilst the full rhymes bring energies together and form a solid base. Basically, the poem seeks to express, through metaphor, image and figurative language, what it is for someone to experience that all-numbing 'formal feeling. Still, you are walking around with an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach that something is just not right… What do you do then?
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