An analysis of the role of adolf hitler on the topic of war in europe a german political leader

His father was Alois Hitler and his mother was Klara Polzl.

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The store was later ransacked during Kristallnacht in , then handed over to a non-Jewish family. Doing People a Favor By Conquering their Lands Hitler also argues in his book that lower people actually benefit if they are conquered by Aryans, as they learn from them and start to develop culture. Hitler would one day lead a movement which would leave it's mark in history. Although the actual membership of the NAZI party remained quite low in this period, Hitler, through his meetings and speeches had given them a very high profile. The Jews, according to Hitler, were everywhere, controlled everything, and acted so secretly and deviously that few could detect their influence. Such methods guaranteed that opportunities and dangers alike would go unnoticed, that good commanders would be trapped in impossible situations and bad ones allowed to avoid responsibility. Why was he so cruel? Never again would he attempt an armed uprising. Thanks for watching! Evans states that "historians now generally agree that his notorious, murderous anti-Semitism emerged well after Germany's defeat [in World War I], as a product of the paranoid "stab-in-the-back" explanation for the catastrophe". For the most part, democratic governance was never embraced by the German masses or by the elite.

Hitler had dealings with Jews while living in Vienna. In the letter, Hitler argues that the aim of the government "must unshakably be the removal of the Jews altogether".

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He also perceived the programme as primarily a basis for propaganda and for attracting people to the party. Adolf grew into a thin, dark-haired, blue-eyed boy with an angular face Twisted In addition to fine art Hitler showed an early interest in German nationalism. As armies approached Berlin from two directions, Hitler married his mistress Eva Braun and on April 30, , he killed himself. When he was a kid he was interested in fine art. Hitler became embittered over the collapse of the war effort. Anti-semitism in Vienna — Hitler spent a part of his youth in Vienna, Austria, where anti-semitism was very prevalent and highly advocated. Early followers included army captain Ernst Rohm, the head of the Nazi paramilitary organization the Sturmabteilung SA , which protected meetings and frequently attacked political opponents. Their bodies were carried to a bomb crater near the Reich Chancellery, where their remains were doused with gasoline and burned. In fact, Hillgruber encapsulates Hitler's political views which drove German policy throughout his rule in summary through the invasion of the Soviet Union. As a result of these significant setbacks, many German officers concluded that defeat was inevitable and that Hitler's continued rule would result in the destruction of the country. His policies inflicted human suffering on an unprecedented scale and resulted in the death of tens of millions of people, including more than 20 million in the Soviet Union and six million Jews in Europe. The law was a Nazi implementation of the Aryan Paragraph, which called for the exclusion of Jews and non-Aryans from organizations, employment and eventually all aspects of public life.

Photo: Gustav Hille [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Deaths and mass executions took place in concentration and extermination camps including Auschwitz -Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau and Treblinka, among many others.

By tracing the progression of the Nazis from an unpopular fringe group to the most powerful political party in Germany, students will extend and deepen their thinking from the previous lesson about the choices that individuals can make to strengthen democracy and those that can weaken it.

As the undisputed head of state, Hitler became supreme commander of the armed forces.

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He was accepted in Augustthough he was still an Austrian citizen. The German army also suffered defeats at the Battle of Stalingradseen as a turning point in the war, and the Battle of Kursk At one stage, Hitler recognized that he was one of the best speakers in the Nazi party and demanded that they make him party leader or he would walk out.

Alois was a very mean and stern father. On 1 April, Hitler was sentenced to five years' imprisonment at Landsberg Prison. By the end of June, the other parties had been intimidated into disbanding. The family moved to Germany when Adolph was three years old, and this is where he got his Bavarian accent.

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He dreamed of a return to the days of the Kaiser. This experience further embittered the increasingly angry Hitler. He found the Treaty of Versailles degrading, particularly the demilitarization of the Rhineland and the stipulation that Germany accepts responsibility for starting the war. Although he had agreed by the terms of the Munich Agreement not to make further territorial claims, in March Hitler invaded and occupied Czechoslovakia. World War II and the Failure of the Third Reich Hitler believed he must make Germany great again through creating an empire and engineered territorial expansion, uniting with Austria in an Anschluss and dismembering Czechoslovakia. A moody child, he grew hostile towards his father, especially once the latter had retired and the family had moved to the outskirts of Linz. Hitler also had a hand in nearly all the major operational decisions concerning Germany's running of the war, and his was the leadership that took Germany and Europe into the greatest catastrophe of modern times. Both the Communists and the Nazis made significant gains in the Reichstag German parliament elections in No military leader can hope to understand the realities of the situation on the ground from hundreds of miles away But they were tragically mistaken. Thanks to a very successful propaganda campaign focused on the poor and the suffering, the Nazi Party rose from only 12 seats in Reichstag in to becoming the largest party in with seats. By late Hitler's subordinates had split into cliques that competed for increasingly scarce resources, while he remained the final arbiter of all disputes.

Hitler personally designed the Nazi party banner, appropriating the swastika symbol and placing it in a white circle on a red background.

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Biography of Adolf Hitler, Leader of the Third Reich