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Both established for themselves an image mirroring that of the millions of Germans who, after the war, wanted the world to believe that they had fallen victim to Hitler's political movement "He strung us all along", the writer Joachim Fest recently admitted, after historians discovered that Speer was personally involved in the Holocaust, that his ministry provided the building materials for an extension of Auschwitz, that he made a substantial fortune with Aryanized property, denounced uncooperative competitors, initiated the construction of concentration camps, and supported the draconian measures used against forced and slave labourers in some of Germany's most horrific underground production facilities. In his new role, Speer commanded a massive sector of the German economy. Ever since the winter of , I had been closely associated with the Peenemunde development centre, although at first all I was doing was meeting its construction needs. He originally arranged to tap this source of labour for use in small out of the way factories; and later, fearful of Himmler's jurisdictional ambitions, attempted to use as few concentration camp workers as possible. In the weeks that followed, the two met and dined together on a near-daily basis, and formed a professional and personal friendship. He added a stone exterior that pleased Hitler. King , deputy prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials who later wrote a book about Speer said, "Love and warmth were lacking in the household of Speer's youth. He agreed to expand Auschwitz and some other camps, allocating You, Herr Speer, are too old for the job. In , the Guardian reported the discovery of a letter by Speer that, if authentic, explicitly shows him admitting to being present and fully understanding the message of the speech. Each new dignitary rapidly gathered a circle of intimates around him.

Oh, heavens no, it would be too depressing, and it was East German territory anyway. In Germany there were almost 30, prosecutions for homosexuality between andcompared with between and He wrote about the meeting in his book, Inside the Third Reich Hitler was extremely excited and, as I believe to this day, inwardly convinced that he had come through a great danger.

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And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! The relationship was frowned upon by Speer's class-conscious mother, who felt the Webers were socially inferior. In this powerful office, Speer was for the final three years of the war in charge of supplying the German military. Speer noticed the fear and terror in their eyes when he tried to inquire about their conditions, but I asked no further questions. Speer also attended a conference in Hitler's headquarters on 4th January, , at which the decision was made that Sauckel should obtain " at least 4 million new workers from occupied territories " in order to satisfy the demands for labour made by Speer, although Sauckel indicated that he could do this only with help from Himmler. As a result, I remained uncritical, unable to deal with the arguments of my student friends, who were predominately indoctrinated with the National Socialist ideology In the years before the First World War, young Albert was provided a very comfortable childhood in a Germany that was expanding economically at a rate that made it the envy of the world. Human beings, they believe, are much too disorderly for the good engineering mind. During the armaments congress at the air force test site in Rechlin September Milch silently handed me a telegram which had just been brought to him. Concerned about retaining power, he did not appoint a deputy and continued to direct work of the Armaments Ministry from his bedside. You may be an engineer sitting in front of a computer-aided design screen, creating a seemingly benign component that will become part of some sophisticated weapons system that will be sold to unknown people in a far-off land. Speer enthusiastically supported the program and in March made an order for A4 rockets, the predecessor of the worlds first ballistic missile, the V2 rocket. Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example?

He tended to be more serious and studious than his playmates, and showed an early interest in and love for mathematics. The building was able to holdpeople.

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Sauckel obtained the labour and allocated it to the various industries in accordance with instructions supplied by Speer. Even among so many ruthless men, he stood out by his brutality and coarseness. The Organisation Todt functioned principally in the occupied areas on such projects as the Atlantic Wall and the construction of military highways, and Speer has admitted that he relied on compulsory service to keep it adequately staffed.

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A subordinate by nature, he treated his own subordinates as if he were dealing with cows and oxen. As with all the Nazi defendants, Speer was continually interviewed and analyzed by a variety of Allied doctors, lawyers, and intellectuals.

Speer, that is, convinced himself of what remains one of the shibboleths of the technical professions to this day: that science and technology, no matter what their implications or the ends toward which they are employed, are completely apolitical and amoral in character.

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He assumed his German readers would not be so gullible and told them the Nazi Party offered a "new mission".

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