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Because he is a man and men are more important and valuable than women while women are weak and naive and they are only interested in looking good in order to please men. Also we are seeing her from a profile position. Lickin' chicken Kill it. You would be supporting our work so that we can bring you more great resources. Copywriter needed Shout out to the words people There's nothing particularly new about using pictograms to spell out a message in an advert, but we love the twist behind this one. Before moving into the analysis part, I would like to justify why I chose this advertisement. Also we can see how the can is situated at the center of the advertisement reflecting mainly the importance of highlighting the product that this ad is marketing for. Red is widely used in advertisement mainly because it can attract to a great extent the attention of people. Red also symbolizes love, passion and seduction and it is used in this advertisement to represent to what extent this woman is passionate about drinking Pepsi. This is just another example of its brilliant work. We can also recognize that the hat in the inside is darker than the upper part of the hat and this is used in order to reflect the purpose of using the hat which is protecting the head and the face from the dangers of sun exposure.

Then I will be providing a feminist interpretation of this advertisement. Advertisements is a form of communication that businesses use to inform and persuade the public.

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Therefore by going back to some background information about Pepsi Commercials we can understand better the use of the red lipstick in this advertisement. Representing women in such ways is very harmful and is leading many teenage girls to develop eating disorders that can lead to their death.

Whenever we read a newspaper or a magazine, or go outside and see a billboard, print ads are obvious and unavoidable.

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Also while looking at different advertisements of Pepsi we can find the use of words like fresh and refreshing. Mail Online, 22 February The intended audience and the values reflected: Although Pepsi is considered mainly as an international product which is not specifically provided to a specific consumer for example sanitary pads advertisement are mainly addressed to womenhowever I think that this advertisement of diet Pepsi is mainly addressing women.

In it, the bones of the spine are transformed into a snake; a concept that also deftly captures the idea that yoga will bring you a super-flexible back.

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Analysis of Diet Pepsi Print Advertisement