Blaming others

It's their star sign or the cat next door or you!

blaming others psychology

Blaming other people can provide us with an excuse to act in a hurtful manner. Get used to saying out loud: "Okay, it happened! Hopefully, these reasons will motivate you to stop blaming and immediately notice who blames you so you can remove such people from your life.

If you are big enough to realize when you have made a mistake, you can admit it and then find ways, if possible, to make things better. We are then in danger of letting things spiral into periods of helplessness or unhappiness.

He bounds up the hotel stairs, frantically repeating over and over to himself by way of contrite rehearsal, "I'm so sorry, I made a mistake! As the wise Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said, "How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.

Am I that powerless? A survey conducted in San Francisco found that people who stay happily married are twice as likely to be able and willing to apologize to their partners as divorced or single people are. Don't always be too quick to blame yourself, but just now and then admit to co-workers or your partner or friend that, yes, you too are human and you made a mistake.

If you live in the solution, the problem will be shorter lived and better resolved.

consequences of blaming others

They also notice that they never gain anything out of it so a different approach might be a more effective way to deal with things. In every case, the blame game is a defense mechanismjust like denial, acting out and isolation.

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Why do people blame others