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Here are the steps I recommend you take: Export all of your existing Circus Ponies Notebooks into formats that are a bit more future-proof Examine your specific needs and based on those needs choose an app or several apps that best fit those needs Stop using Circus Ponies Notebook and move on Exporting Your Circus Ponies Notebooks Freeing your precious data from the crumbling prison of the Circus Ponies Notebook app should be your top priority. But I am unforgiving when it comes to apps that are not snappy or controls that are hard to use. For my work purposes I only use the Mac version and keep all the data locally on my machine to get around the sensitive data issue I described earlier. It is an option on the PC and on mobile devices but not on the Mac. Now you will see a bunch of folders, but the one you are really looking for here is "attachments. When you open a new notebook, you can select any template that will make organizing your ideas and information much easier out of the several templates provided for you. Export to Word: As I mentioned above, exporting out a complete notebook to Word doesn't retain the embedded images but it does nicely take the entire text content and structure and stick it into a Word document. Unfortunately, the question is not simple. While you can create Notebooks and edit them, the work experience is not as fluid as you would have on a Mac. Here is a link the the support article that explains how to do this.

Could you use your iPad for more than just Angry Birds? Here is a link the the support article that explains how to do this.

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See iPhone JD for really great reviews of products battery packs, cloud storage, apps, and more and advice e. It just gets too frustrating. Free is in quotes here because Microsoft is pulling in some profit from the app because the app is helping them to drive up their Microsoft subscriptions.

Dropbox Free Want to review your research on the go, or share with your associates?

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Posted by Anonymous at. There is an excellent article over at Organizing Creativity that goes into great details about how you can do this. I will probably end up purchasing this app and using it for two main purposes.

Switching between notebooks takes time — and the time delay gets frustrating.

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While I love the functions it has especially the outlining pages and this function should remain in any caseI think trying to make it look the same as the Mac version makes the App too slow and hard to use. The notebook file you use on your Mac is available on the iPad.

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It is also important to think about the longevity of your data in these replacement applications. With great features like sketching, diagramming, outlining, voice annotation, and even PDF mark-up, Circus Ponies Notebook for Mac helps you take great notes that will be relevant to your note-taking style. But not all is well, there are a few cons … The cons: The app is not snappy. Seriously take a look at this app. There is a sync feature via Dropbox, but I do not trust sync sorry and have not tried it. There is no such thing as a permanent application , at least not in today's fast moving technology world. For whatever reason probably the reason I mention above , Microsoft does not offer local storage as an option on their Mac OneNote app. I spend so much time taking notes and ferreting away information that the solution I choose has to be very powerful and stable and I need to know that it is going to be around for a few years. And yes, even this posting was done with CPN. Unfortunately this doesn't work for me for one very silly and simple reason
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Circus Ponies Notebook Ipad Handwriting Apps