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Philia is one of the three kinds of love expressed in the play. Columbia Pictures, Love, as many would term it, is not only influenced by heart but brain as well. Provide its background or origin in order for them to get to know it better. It makes the person or thing that is loved to feel special and be treated in a specific manner.

Some people search for what seems their whole lifetime for love, whereas others may seem to fall in and out of love on a regular basis. In the end, it does not matter whether or not the kind of love someone feels fits into any category. When government abuses its power it should be overthrown for the greater good of the citizenry.

Love is not simple.

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From the above articles and movies, we see different concepts of love. Bills are being passed in order to legalize harmful weapons, which are used to kill. People have even created different languages in which to give and receive love so we might understand and better love one another, to which everyone 's is different. Columbia Pictures, A dying relationship is akin to a dying star. The natural. In this paper we have described these emotions in detail using various aspects to better explain what these emotions are all about. Of course, people can love many things, but the love between two people is unique and special. In Dante's opinion, not only poetry, but everything is composed of love: Not the Creator nor a single creature, as you know, ever existed without love, the soul's love or the love that comes by nature. The universality of love is what makes it so addictive, be it romantic or platonic. Download How to Write an Essay Explaining a Concept When you want to explain a concept, you need to have the right amount of vocabulary so that you can explain your thoughts in great details. That means the person who has the emotion of love in his heart for some other person or for any other creature, he just thinks for the good of his beloved keeping apart all his personal benefits and means. The love for our mother and our entire families is one of the first thing a baby feels and as the years goes by we know that life is about two big thing: success in work field and being able to find people that will love you for who you are. There are many legends like goddess Athena and Helen Troy to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet that surrounds the emotion of love and explains it in a beautiful manner. This story focuses on the strength of spiritual love in a long distance relationship.

Love has many different meanings to many different people; it can be tossed aside like a dirty rag, unimportant and forgotten, or cherished and cared for like a priceless gemstone. As social animals, most humans are naturally drawn to form bonds of affection with other people.

Arnold falls in love with a dilapidated Plymouth Fury.

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