Creation myth writing assignment

creation myths

Step 2 Choose an object or event that you love, that you respect or that fascinates you. For some students, the format of their own cultural myths could be the format they use for their own writing, depending on their individual needs.

how to write a myth outline

Part of being a good peer responder is having some time with a draft, away from the classroom setting. What is the conflict main problem of the narrative? For the five paragraph essay: For the three paragraph analysis: Provide an introduction with a thesis or summary sentence of what you are writing.

Myth writing ideas

During the in class revision time, take students aside and help them through the process. What part of the narrative is the most well-written? I think this could be a great exercise for your writing group. The sheet gives them some ideas and questions to think about and answer as they draft their letters. Rubric should include focus skills; this rubric focuses on parts a, c, and d of the narrative standard. I like to use a Friday for this day as it then gives them an entire weekend for revising and drafting. During drafting time, you can walk around and mini-conference with struggling writers. Paragraphs 2 and 3: Same format as 1. Review the directions with them.

Hand out Peer Response Sheet 2 and give students about or so minutes to read, respond, and write. Paragraph 1: Your topic sentence should give some detail that gives an idea as to how the Iroquois see the world. Rubric should include focus skills; this rubric focuses on parts a, c, and d of the narrative standard.

Related documents. More ways to handle the paper load: On paper and online. Join a group or use the time to work with several students. The body paragraphs must have one comparison or contrast and you will need to quote words from the text with MLA format. You could provide ideas for certain aspects of their myths.

You must give specific examples from the text of the myth to reinforce your points.

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20 Myths To Use As Writing Prompts