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The News is owned by A. A total of 43 employees were affected by the move. From the outset the Morning News enjoyed the double advantage of strong financial support and an accumulation of journalistic experience, and within a month and a half had absorbed its older rival.

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The newspaper entered into a new partnership with KXAS at that time. The Commerce Street address is one-third the size of the Young Street complex. There was a curious blip of a hedge fund buying A. Meanwhile, newly released corporate filings show their company's top executives have gotten some nice raises in recent years.

Belo was investigating the possibility of establishing a sister paper in rapidly developing North Texas. The Morning News, in contrast, has been controlled by members of the same family sincewhich has allowed it to avoid the worst ownership abuses.

When Belo's efforts to purchase the Herald [an extant paper in Dallas] failed, he sent George Bannerman Dealey to launch a new paper, the Morning News, which began publication on October 1,

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Dallas Morning News hires Arnold to cover aviation