Economic injustice

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Maybe we need to acknowledge our collective part in perpetuating systems of inequality. Let us not concede that economic injustice, poverty, and racism are tolerable.

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Historically, Unitarians and Universalists have often been in the forefront of social reform. Our work for economic justice must include support for fair wages and benefits; access to adequate housing, social services, child care, adult daycare, education, health care, legal services, financial services, and transportation; the removal of environmental and occupational hazards that disproportionately affect low-income people; respect for treaty rights of First Nations and Native American Tribes; government and corporate policies that promote economic investment in the urban core and rural communities; a more equitable criminal justice system; tax systems that prevent affluent individuals and corporations from sheltering assets and income at the expense of those less privileged; and campaign reforms that ensure equal access to the electoral process regardless of wealth.

Causes of economic inequality

The tech sector has long had a diversity problem. The authors look at five domains of social life—structural barriers, social class signaling, ideologies of merit, moral-relational tendencies, and intergroup processes—and detail how they perpetuate class divisions in everyday life. That starts with understanding just how pervasive inequality is. Together, we can make a difference. The cost of providing basic health care and nutrition for all people in the world would be less than the annual cost of pet food in Europe and the United States. The section mainly uses gross household income. A racial wealth gap is persisting after centuries enslavement and systemic discrimination. More Americans agree with plans to raise taxes on the wealthy.

We recognize that racism is a major contributor toward economic injustice. But real change will require policy solutions.

In a paper in Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, the authors put forth a conceptual model, drawing on existing research, to show how individuals maintain inequality through their actions and beliefs.

Commonly used measures of economic inequality: 1.

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Economic Inequality