Essayists of romantic age

Yet therewas an important difference: Romanticism in America coincided with theperiod of national expansion and the discovery of a distinctive Americanvoice. A radical individualist, she was bornand spent her life in Amherst, Massachusetts, a small Calvinist village.

romantic period in english literature summary

Certainly the New England Transcendentalists -- Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreauand their associates -- were inspired to a new optimistic affirmation by the Romantic movement. His style is also full of surprises because his mood continually varies, creating or suggesting its own style, and calling into play some recollection of this or that writer of the older world.

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Of his autobiographical sketches the best-known is his Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, in which he has given us, in a most interesting manner, glimpses of his own life under the influence of opium.

They wrote for an ever-increasing audience which was less homogeneous in its interest and education than that of their predecessors. For decades before it became popular, he was an ardentabolitionist.

Essayists of romantic age

Her best poems have no fat; many mock currentsentimentality, and some are even heretical. Are you — Nobody — Too? Let us be wise and not impede the soul In New England, Romanticism fell upon fertile soil. Hazlitt based his argument on the idea that each of us is able to sacrifice the selfish pleasures of the present moment for the sake of the future happiness of the selves we will eventually become. Her wilderness is a greenwood, herwildman a Robin Hood. Anonconformist, he attempted to live his life at all times according to hisrigorous principles.

Dream Children: A Reverie, is an essay from this collection which was published in the form of a book, this was later followed by the second volume titled Last Essays of Elia. Disinterestedness did not preclude partisanship, or Hazlitt would not have been able to achieve it!

romantic period transcendentalism

In Walden, Thoreau not only tests the theories of Transcendentalism, he re-enacts the collective American experience of the 19th century: living on thefrontier.

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