Evolution of event industry

Future of event management industry

With so many potential applications, such as virtually previewing seats upon purchase to actually viewing events with headsets, VR can change the way we attend meetings, conferences, trade shows, or award ceremonies. The live event is an anchor for a much bigger marketing program. Several B-schools and institutes now design courses that not only offer a degree in event management, but an equal emphasis is given to recognizing and producing talent that can redefine the event industry and its goals. Parties were themed with costumes and popular musicians of the day. With websites and emails, event professionals could communicate and market their events more effectively and efficiently. Here are just a few then and now planning comparisons:. But the landscape is changing fast and becoming increasingly outdated, thanks, in large part, to the internet and social media. We are all becoming increasingly aware of not only the ethical and environmental values of our purchases, but also what intangible value each purchase has too.

More than a necessity, this is close to becoming a basic human right. Share this:. Event management as a crucial skill started to surface in the 20th century where people no longer relied upon limited resources and started needing a professional hand in carrying out complex events.

You once had to place a telephone call up to your friends or ask them in person. Buzz is created and excitement builds as the event date approaches. It is a concept that is not at all new on the market.

event management industry

They now have everything from important lists to production designs right in their pocket and are able to make quick changes or contact anyone within a matter of minutes.

And so with greater power comes greater responsibility - to offer this intangibly free value, to earn the loyalty of the new consumer. Users can type in their location and find hundreds of events they may not have even know existed!

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The Evolution of Event Management Industry