Google organisational structure and culture essay

It is undeniable that Google succeeded due to innumerable specific reasons, one of the most crucial reasons is its strong organizational culture.

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The collaborative culture is yet another organizational way of life. Factors for each have been illustrated in the main text. Hence, employees with tremendous motivation, loyalty and productivity Work in Google, Alvesson, M. Before explaining how the organizational structure of NJIT influences the organization of work, communication and decisions, it is essential to understand how the NJIT is structured. Even though Google is one of the target places of work for employees, the company still cannot unite employees and make them working to reach the strategic goal, mission and vision of the company. Also, innovation is at the heart of Google LLC. The organizational structure of the company turns out to be fragmentary. The cultural paradigm comprises various beliefs, values, rituals and symbols that govern the operating style of the people within a company. At the same time, the effective performance of employees increases substantially the development of the positive organizational performance.

Google Inc. However each firm takes a different approach from an organizational perspective.

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Hence, it is important to match ability to job which is also know as ability-job fit and the effect of personality on performance or personality-performance. Performance competencies, such as knowledge, skills, and abilities, may also be included on the appraisal as well as some behaviors, such as teamwork and flexibility.

We can also point out the effect this will have on employee attitude, as there is no formal leader everyone would try to dominate the other spoiling the work environment. Since its beginning inwhat role does Google 's organizational culture and communications play in this coveted achievement? The various types are: Culture Development: Culture development and sustaining depends on the following factors: Selection also A.

Valence: the desirability of an outcome to an individual. Oftentimes, employees work harder to achieve organizational goals if they consider themselves to be part of the corporate culture. Advantages Strong corporate cultures indicate that employees are like-minded and hold similar beliefs and ethical values.

In some cases, managers reserve a conference room or even take the employee off site to lunch if appropriate.

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Google Organizational Structure and Culture Essay