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Chad pushes the issue on Troy while they're in the library, reminding him that he is Troy's most loyal best friend while also blaming the loud speaking on Troy when confronted by the librarianand that the road of a basketball star will land him on cereal boxes, while being a musical star will someday plunge him into obscurity.

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Irene Santiago-Baron as Ms. Troy shows her kindness and courtesy, something Gabriella didn't expect from the school's star. You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. She is the fourth singer in the auditorium. Alyson Reed as Ms. However, he eventually comes around to it. They're in college, no Synopsis It's New Years Eve, and two students from separate lives are celebrating with their families at a ski resort. Picture this. Miss Darbus warns Coach Bolton that giving every student a fair chance is tradition in theater, so she's allowing Troy to go through with his callback, but is skeptical of underlying intentions. She also enjoys composing and is an admirer of Ryan. Troy and Gabriella both walk into the party uncertainly, as neither want to be there. The only thing that really detracts from the movie is the sugar-coated way that it portrays issues that regularly cause teens angst, such as entrenched cliques, self-esteem, and peer pressure. Miss Darbus argues that they shouldn't receive special treatment simply because they're athletic stars, and that if they were theater performers, they certainly wouldn't have allowances made for them. They decide to confess.

Her job has caused her to be transferred frequently from city to city, but she has been guaranteed that she and Gabriella will be able to stay until Gabriella graduates from high school.

As Efron is a baritone and the role of Troy was written for a tenorhis singing voice was partially dubbed by Drew Seeley.

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Will they follow their dreams of being on the stage? And she knows his first secret.

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In fact, its music can sometimes feel like rejected bits and pieces from an old Paula Abdul album. Their bounce and pep draw you across an imaginary border into that world where, in the end, even the "bad guys" happily sing and dance alongside the heroes. Afterwards, everyone sings together and dances, a song about sticking together and relying on each other ["We're All In This Together"]. So why not try it again with the latest tween set, the execs in charge must have decided. Chad then grabs Taylor and asks her to the afterparty, which she squeals about with Gabriella. The Scholastic Decathlon team could really use her help,but it would be fun to sing with Troy again. Meanwhile in the gym, Coach Bolton sees that his two star players are absent, and finds out from the rest of his players that they're in Detention, Darbus style. Furthermore, High School Musical does a good job of depicting kids who have a healthy relationship with their parents. Chris Warren Jr. But ever since they sang together on New Years Eve,Troy can't get his mind off trying out for the lead role in the school musical-with Gabriella as his partner! Gabriella, in a moment of confidence, steps up to audition. Gabriella is still reluctant to agree to do the callbacks, saying that it's throwing the whole school out of whack. Kelsi offers to show them how the duet should sound, and they sing along, just listening to the music and having fun ["What Ive Been Looking For Reprise "]. However, in this story, Troy the "jock" and Gabriella the "brain" break out of the mold. She is good friends with Gabriella, Taylor and Kelsi.

Overhearing their song, Ms. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about However and it's a big howeverat its heart, and in the sum of its parts, High School is indeed a classic style Disney musical.

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Darbus gives them a callback audition.

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