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Dropbox to Dr James Esson; 1 a single PDF file of the dissertation; 2 a copy of the appropriate departmental dissertation regulations; and 3 contact details for the student post-September We welcome nominations not only from the UK but also from other countries.

Submissions to: Juliet. Please send the following via email or link e.

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The prize winner is announced at the annual meeting of the American Studies Association. Innovative geographic data science analyses, effective deployments of existing geographical science methods, or fundamental research in spatial models will all be considered.

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Please note that for practical purposes we can only accept one dissertation from any institution and to be eligible that institution has to be in the UK. Only dissertations awarded a first class mark will be considered and departments can submit no more than two dissertations for this prize. Individuals may not nominate their own dissertations. Please send the following via email or link i. How to submit a nomination: Step 1: Assemble the materials required for consideration. Entries are judged by members of the QMRG committee who may, depending on the number and types of entries received, decide to award separate prizes for different fields of the discipline. The prize is open to any undergraduate student in a UK Department of Geography, Social Sciences, Planning, Transport Studies, Earth Sciences or Environmental Sciences, as long as the work undertaken has a geographical element, and is submitting their dissertation in the current academic year. There is no limit of submissions per institution, but nominated dissertations should not be submitted for consideration for any other RGS-IBG prizes. As far as possible, please provide a non-university email account for the candidate as contact will likely happen after their graduation. Submissions to: Juliet. Please also include a post-September contact email address for the student, so that they can be notified of the result of the competition, and indicate whether the dissertation should be returned to the department or to the student. Foci can include the physical geography of river, valley, glacier, mountain, hillslope, coast, desert and estuary environments; alongside responses to Holocene, Quaternary and other long term environmental changes.

Electronic submission is preferred. Many have gone on to academic careers themselves, and include several of the leading figures in British geomorphology. The dissertations should be approximately 10, words in length.

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Dissertation Prize