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I doubt that she's the only one. Sales promotions, trade shows, speeches, articles and special events are some other ways to build brand awareness.

The reality is that your business will benefit more from negative feedback than no feedback. Monitor social networks, sign up for their email lists, check out where and how they advertise. Continue Reading.

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Offer incentives to encourage them to return or to refer others. The best businesses are conservative with cash even during the good times. Criticism is constructive, and employees feel valued yet know where they need to work harder.

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Employing a great management team Successful companies, big and small, need good management, from the top level down to people like foremen and shift supervisors. Just because you need to possess leadership qualities does not mean that everybody successful in business has to be the CEO, face of the company, or person "in charge". Every company's approach to sales is different. The simple adage "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade" is a great example of using leverage to move your business forward. As we'll discuss shortly, your ultimate success will have a lot to do with how you help others find their own. When you're at the top of the pack, you still have to continuously differentiate your company from the competition, while looking for ways to do it faster, cheaper and better. A financial plan reminds owners where and how to spend money, and it provides ways to measure progress or shortfalls. And it's about driving the behavior that makes the company successful.

A true loyalty program is about getting to know your customers and turning them into brand advocates. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to know how to take money and make it work for you.

Not every entrepreneur has a soulmate, not will we all have children.

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You'll hear about ideals and decisions that we all wish we could aspire to but often fail to understand. A leader needs to be strong, and we're not just talking about a lean body or muscles here - your mind has to be healthy in order to persevere through the day and not only achieve the success you're looking for, but to be able to enjoy it as well.

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How to Make Your Small Business More Successful