How to write an index page samples

ASI serves indexers, librarians, abstractors, editors, publishers, database producers, data searchers, product developers, technical writers, academic professionals, researchers and readers, and others concerned with indexing.

Arrange single numbers as if they were spelled out alphabetically. If you wish to, identify page numbers referring to figures by putting these in italics and those referring to tables in bold. Main entries should be nouns, as concrete as possible.

Kurt Vonnegut 's novel Cat's Cradle includes a character who is a professional indexer and believes that "indexing [is] a thing that only the most amateurish author [undertakes] to do for his own book.

If you need any help preparing your index, discuss any problems with your project editor to avoid any publication delay.

A usable index is then generated automatically from the embedded text using the position of the embedded headings to determine the locators. Doing so enables you to generate the page numbers for the report in the Main section, then display the page numbers in the table of contents in the Header section.

Or click Update Index in the Index group on the References tab.

how to add page number in index in word

Eliminate duplicate entries, combine similar entries e. This is clearer for the reader where the index is quite complex, or main entries have numerous subentries.

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Building a Paper Report with a Simple Table of Contents and Index