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Overall growth rates in the market slowed to 1. More about Dove. We are helping 40 million young people build self-esteem and positive body confidence.

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This is largely due to their skin being thinner than ours and having less of a protective acid mantle layer, due to their sebaceous and sweat glands being less effective than an adults.

The perception that shampoos contain harsh chemicals that could damage hair, high price and the view that the shampoo is more of a glamour product rather than a hygiene product led to lower sales. In India, Dove hair care range was launched in Real Beauty Women have always been our inspiration.

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Modern Dove face test advertisement. Together with generations of women, Dove has helped widen the definition of beauty. The introduction of shampoo in India dates back to the British reign in the country. While the north and west zones have tripled in penetration, the south and east zones have doubled during the period between the years to After a sober growth in due to the downturn of the FMCG sector, shampoo sector saw strong growth in the next two years due to the introduction of sachets and a surge in rural demand. The Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream is a great product for when your child has those uncomfortable diaper rashes and is keeping you up at night, crying over the irritation. The nutrients, protein, and buriti oil within the mask moisturizes and soothes in order to create a more healthy, attractive head of hair. Dove products. Dove hair care products where useful in preventing anti aging and anti frizzing i. In India, Dove hair care range was launched in

Mostly consisting of three kinds of shampoos cosmetic, herbal and anti dandruff, the shampoo market in India has managed to tap users of the various segments according to their requirements and preferences. The company made it a conscious goal to cover the full range of skin and hair cleaning, and did so effectively by introducing products that exhibited the same moisturizing qualities as their patented Dove soap bars.

We invite all women to realise their personal potential for beauty by engaging them with products that deliver superior care.

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Dove Company History and Review: Real Beauty, Real Soap!