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It is the essential part of every organisation.

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Organization may end up with too much or too little inventory. Show Else ProgressBar1.

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This accountability on the employees will make them alert while handling inventory matters. This is possible with help of centralizing purchases. Types of Inventory: -Obtaining raw material from suppliers exactly when needed for production schedules is not always possible. Error The term error is used in two ways. AVORIO offers exclusive, versatile and classic designs to enhance your lifestyle Everyday: The range includes everything you need for your office - office accessories, writing instruments, paper stationery, etc Fashion Joojoobs: Discover Fashion for your little ones!! There must be discovered and removed. Characteristics of Inventory : 1. Insurance cost. On the other hand carrying costs go down per unit with the increase in number of units purchased and stored. Indirect inventories include goods that are necessary to run the production process but do not become part of the end product. To know the effectiveness of the inventory management in FMCG sectors and technique it is implemented in the FMCG sectors Important of inventory control and technique of maintaining the inventory in an organization. Our uniqueness lies in our professionalism, ethics and excellence in service to our customers — Both Internal and external.

A certain amount of avoid expending too much effort on fine-tuning of a program unit that contributes little to the over all performance of the entire system.

Fixed Order Quantity System Q-System In this system, the order quantity Q is always constant and the order is placed when the level of inventory reaches the reorder point. Inadequate inventory hampers the production process, and also affect the sales. Carrying Costs: - The cost which are incurred while inventories are stored in the warehouse or stores.

Expenses incurred on transportation of goods purchased. Characteristics of Inventory : 1. Selective Control Techniques 4. Because of that the firms have to concentrate in the cost factors.

Hide txtitemcode. But, it has to be the correct 20 percent. Inventory serves as a link between production and distribution processes. Why keep Inventory Inventory is essential part of every organisation.

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