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For example, someone in North America who looks you squarely in the eye may project confidence and honesty, but in other parts of the world, direct eye contact might be perceived as rude or threatening.

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Choose your tech wisely and stick to it. Managing virtual teams takes extra time and care to ensure people are able to work together and meet goals. Twitter: tsedal. Communicaid helps team managers to develop the global competence they require to reconcile cultural differences and build commitment within their global teams. During a conference call, he asked people to discuss a particular strategy for reaching a new market in a challenging location. Build trust between colleagues. Their ability to acknowledge and navigate their cultural differences was beneficial to everyone on the team. Take a step back, watch, and listen. More questions:. If the team has a history of conflict, technology choices that limit the opportunities for real-time emotional exchanges may yield the best results. Learning this the hard way is humbling; something like mistakenly scheduling business travel to India during Diwali, which is one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture, spanning five days.

Understand working styles and communications. Introduce your team to tools like world clock s, which tell you what time it is anywhere in the world.

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Most enterprise companies now do business overseas, and they employ teams that span many boundaries: cultural, functional, geographic and global teams are becoming more of the norm. Discuss your training requirements for Managing a global team. Be savvy about the cultural differences among team members.

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Determine convenient hours for conference calls, and schedule off-office hours calls evenly across the organization.

Being a remote worker has been on the rise for years, thanks to technology. Also, the same diversity that brings new ideas into the mix and inspires us can cause conflict and disagreement, or misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Global team development

Think back to your last face-to-face meeting. Bureau of Economic Analysis, worldwide employment by U. The point of these efforts is not to diminish differences among team members but to make members aware of the differences. Increasingly, organizations and teams are comprised of people working in different locations. Nurture and expand empowerment across teams. Savvy leaders will communicate through multiple platforms to ensure that messages are understood and remembered. Do your culture homework.

Team members located far from the leader require frequent contact with him or her. This needs to be crystal clear, particularly on remote teams that you are developing to function without your daily, in-person interaction.

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This involves mutual learning and teaching. Often the experience for employees working at corporate headquarters differs from those working in satellite offices.

Multinational teams

They get it and they champion corporate values to their peers. Getting commitments to good speaking behavior is the easy part; making the behavior happen will require active management. Global teams are nothing new, but the challenges of a widely dispersed team are ongoing. Communication is key for global, virtual teams, which span not only space and time differences, but also cultural and linguistic ones. It could mean something as disastrous as the entire team could be out of the office to celebrate with their families. Leaders must expect problems and patterns to change or repeat themselves as teams shift, disband, and regroup. Create an open and inclusive dialogue with your team to cultivate an awareness of holidays and local customs. They went back and forth, bolstering their positions by referencing typical business practices and outcomes in their respective countries, but they stayed committed to reaching a group consensus. She is the author of The Language of Global Success. Provide team members with visibility into decision-making. But there is at least one constant: To manage social distance effectively and maximize the talents and engagement of team members, leaders must stay attentive to all five of the SPLIT dimensions. For example, when a team spans multiple time zones, a telephone call may not be convenient for everyone. But now you both seem satisfied that you were able to make your arguments, articulate cultural perspectives, and help us decide on our next steps. If colleagues can talk informally around a watercooler—whether about work or about personal matters—they are more likely to develop an empathy that helps them interact productively in more-formal contexts. Is this always the best formula when managing projects?
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The New Rules Around Communication to Manage Global Teams