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In the cases that came under their scrutiny, a number of different aspects of the organizational context or group processes moderated the diversity-performance relationship. Respond promptly and firmly when employees express prejudices or stereotypes. Diversity leadership must drive innovative perspectives. Set an example of encouraging diversity by developing relationships with colleagues whose backgrounds differ from yours. This does not preclude that diversity at all levels of society should be a goal 'per se'. Encourage employees to work in diverse groups Diverse work teams let employees get to know and value one another on an individual basis and can help break down preconceived notions and cultural misunderstandings. Any feedback received, both positive and negative, is valuable. In addition to reinforcing existing programs, we will use the Hitachi Group Women's Career Success Survey to highlight progress with initiatives and outstanding issues in each business unit and to set numerical targets for each unit, strengthening our management commitment. Diversity is not just about accessing multicultural markets. Beyond business benefits, research should pay more attention to societal benefits attached to the promotion of more inclusive and diverse workforces. It should be tailored for specific organisational culture and actively involving diverse workforce to analysis, preparation and assessment of the progress. Get creative when recruiting.

Both meet every six months. An organizational culture should be supporting all employees to feel free to contribute their ideas: ensuring that everyone is heard, making it save o propose new ideas, sharing credit for success, delegating decision making, providing constructive feedback and acting on the feedback received from the organization.

Organizations should regularly review internal policies, especially those around harassment and equal opportunity, and make sure they reflect the most current laws and regulations. This way companies can spend money on diversity initiatives that don't bring the expected results, while according to the study conducted by Boston Consulting Group[8] more than a third of diverse employees see obstacles to diversity and inclusion in their company, and half of them see bias in their day-to-day work experience.

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Share This Article:. In a global talent market, businesses that can successfully manage diversity in the workplace will have a definite competitive advantage over others in terms of differentiation, innovation, and employer branding. Trainings to mitigate biases. Training Provider Page:. This requires leadership and others who make hiring decisions to overcome bias in interviewing and assessing talent. Inherent diversity is a set of traits a person is born with, eg. However, managing diversity means more than simply observing legal and policy requirements. If organizations can break through bias and hire the most qualified people, those with the right education, credentials, experience and skill sets, a diverse workplace should be the natural result. These are two reasons that Forbes says to be truly successful in the global marketplace, a business must be authentically diverse. Simply having a diverse employee population is no longer enough, according to Forbes; for a company to succeed in today's challenging economy, it must not only meet the needs of a multifaceted marketplace, it must respect different cultures, ideas and philosophies. Diversity is not just about accessing multicultural markets. You may not be where you want to be with your diversity strategy, but you need to get started! Diversity is the wellspring of our innovation and our growth engine. A new perspective that doesn't match this "group think" is more likely to improve the business in a unique way.

Leadership in the Age of Personalization. The Sodexo brand is synonymous with diversity. What is Diversity in the Workplace? For example, if an organization would like to hire more women in the engineering department, they could reach out to professional groups that cater to women in engineering and ask to advertise open positions in their newsletter or member communications.

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These efforts demonstrate our commitment both internally and to the world to further advance women in the workplace and improve our diversity management. That means a company must develop a new model that embraces diversity as a central growth enabler. Respond promptly and firmly when employees express prejudices or stereotypes.

Post by Eric Dyson. Basically, their message was, do not promote diversity because it is a legal mandate, but because it is good for business Kelly and Dobbin,

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Diversity Management: Definition and Tips