Movie analysis of alien 1979 cinematography

alien 1979 film analysis

The crew of seven is awakened from their hyper-sleep. Alien is about humans being forced to confront the abject which they have tried to suppress.

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These elements are cast out; they become abject, or vile and disgusting. After she sees what it can do, her response to "Special Order 24" "Return alien lifeform, all other priorities rescinded" is succinct: "How do we kill it?

Ripley makes an extensive point to follow quarantine procedure for fear of infection. Predator: Requiem We assume at first the eggs will produce a humanoid, because that's the form of the petrified pilot on the long-lost alien ship.

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They attempt to locate it, but discover the alien has grown into a monstrous predator and intends kill them off one-by-one. Variety noted a few years later that Weaver remained the only actress who could "open" an action movie, and it was a tribute to her versatility that she could play the hard, competent, ruthless Ripley and then double back for so many other kinds of roles.

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The human world of the Nostromo is contrasted by the brilliant derelict ship — all curves and ribbed walls, strangely organic and very very alien — audiences at the time had never seen anything like this and the designer, H. This suggests that the ship itself is thinking. Inside, the corridors are gloomy and labyrinthine, representing a technological version of the subterranean tunnels from gothic horror films. The characters are easily identifiable because they are presented as regular blue collar workers, just in a different setting and time. One of the reasons she works so well in the role is that she comes across as smart; the "Alien" is a much more cerebral movie than its sequels, with the characters and the audience genuinely engaged in curiosity about this weirdest of lifeforms. The alien is beautiful in a way, and designed to be sexual in a horrific, unpleasant fashion which makes audiences really uncomfortable. Herpes, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia had become widespread in America, affecting nearly forty percent of sexually active individuals. As a horror film, it explores the deep fears and desires that are usually repressed in the subconscious. Pressured air is escaping from every leaky gasket, water dripping from the pipes, emergency lights flashing red throughout each corridor, and sewer-like flooring gives the entire environment a hellish feeling. A character originally written as a man, Ripley and several other characters were conceived so their gender could be switched if needed, and producers Giler and Hill wanted the hero to be a woman. They find a massive Space Jockey pilot, an alien vestige whose chest has exploded from the inside. The crew is dressed in white surgical wear that resembles swaddling clothes, which babies are dressed in. This was the decade of disaster movies like The Towering Inferno and The China Syndrome , which all depicted malevolent companies that put private profit before people. The Nostromo is a cold, shadowy dwelling place and this room carries no exception; the cavernous storage facility has all the airs of the ballroom the butler was murdered in. This is a notion that has existed in mythology for thousands of years.

People could identify with their lives being put in danger by machines that they could not control. The drill-like sound channels painful memories of root canals gone wrong.

Because it doesn't play by any rules of appearance or behavior, it becomes an amorphous menace, haunting the ship with the specter of shape-shifting evil.

Movie analysis of alien 1979 cinematography

And then it uncorks another secret; the fluid dripping from its body is a "universal solvent," and there is a sequence both frightening and delightful as it eats its way through one deck of the ship after another. It is a tapestry spattered in blood and held aloft by a network of clanking chains inside one of the many groaning hallways of the commercial space-vessel Nostromo. He wants each film to look like nothing else out there and be intensely visual experiences. This implies they are inside the maternal body, inside the womb. Exponential change in technology was also a major issue in the 70s. We must abject the maternal, the object which has created us, in order to construct an identity. In order to recognise itself as a separate individual the child has to establish a psychological distinction between itself and the mother. As the film progresses however, the men are killed or fall under chain of command to women. It is hideously visceral, with pulsating flesh. The alien moves like a machine.
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