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However, the principles of fairness, concern for people and honesty have followed the company and are key ingredients for its success.

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The effects of this homogenizing process that we call globalization can be seen in all aspects of life. This is only possible because of the expert decisions made by the local manager to implement contingencies as remedies to situations which involve the local and global-liberalized market.

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These impacts are: a Changes in the economy 19 b International agreements c Changes to governments policies. According to Questionnaire and interview information, go to appendix 1, operating within Trinidad and Tobagos mixed economic environment NTTL experiences several problems.

Also, operating within the Trinidad and Tobago economy there are other factors which affects how NTTL makes its decisions.

This led to the creation of their Skim milk brand and other health awareness products, which can be found in appendix 3. Businesses are now only a mouse-click away from their customers and competitors throughout the world and it has delivered undeniable wealth and opportunity and created millions of jobs A report by the Fair Labor Association informed that 1.

Some insist that it will divide humankind even further between rich and poor.

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Does Nestle export its products to neighboring Caribbean territorities? Does nestle practice centralized or decentralized decision making?

Meanwhile, in China, the dramatic shift in distribution channels which has occurred over the last decade has completely reshaped the map, and manufacturers who have not picked up the change quickly enough have seen their sales plummet. The nutrition business is more volatile than most, influenced by factors such as sharp shifts in the number of babies born, changes in the regulatory framework and hyper-sensitivity among purchasers to safety issues.

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Essay on The Globalization of Nestle