Philips versus matsushita case

Matsushita focused its competitiveness in high quality, low cost, and standardized products during the s and s. By employing a diversified profile of people, they can give findings or suggestions on various parts of operations like customer-relationship management, manufacturing, marketing, rather than just produce development alone.

Also, they had rapid production and process innovation.

philips vs matsushita recommendations

As Philips success initially was in developing new products, though they were not able to successfully introduce them in the markets, this is an area they should exploit further.

Also, they need to make the whole company adopt the product and not just parts of it. How did Matsushita succeed in displacing Philips in No. Nevertheless, both companies encountered their difficulties as global environment changed and have then undergone major restructuring over the years.

what strategic transformations were philips and matsushita trying to accomplish? why?

It also generated competition amongst divisions. Also, too many factories over the world caused the problem.

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Philips Vs Matsushita Scm