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We also omit all activity that was publicly attributed to users who had deactivated their accounts at the point that we collected these data. Figure 4: Example of gallery page on the Scratch website.

These data are missing for several thousand project files which the website software could not parse. Data doi: We have also included binary copies of the Scratch Authoring Environment version 1. Each project had its own web page see Fig.

Although access to the data files in the Dataverse is restricted by default, the Dataverse page contains details on how to agree to the SRDSA and request access to the data. Research Papers Writing at a Competitive Price! If a project was a remix, its log included the full log of the project or projects on which the current project was based.

Defining public data To respect the privacy of users of the Scratch website, this dataset is restricted to data made public by users of the site with the knowledge that it would be fully visible online.

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We include code for the three versions that were in active use during the period that the dataset was collected versions 1. However, this is not all you get from our research writing company.

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A Dataset of Scratch Programs: Scraped, Shaped and Scored