Soil pollution introduction

Soil pollution introduction

Or people might get their water from rivers supplied by groundwater contaminated by landfill sites, mine workings, or otherwise polluted land some distance away. This chart shows 15 example countries that have either gained forest green or lost it orange , with the world total shown in the middle yellow. Ideally, we don't just need to stop polluting land: we also need to clean up the many contaminated sites that already exist. In the midst of the conversations on pollution, one of the more commonly overlooked side effects of our daily activities is soil pollution. Hence, post-war, people started using it as pest control in agriculture for killing rodents , weeds, insects, etc and avoiding the damages due to these pests. Soil pollution may alter plant metabolism and reduce crop yields and cause trees and plants that may absorb soil contaminants to pass them up the food chain. Any activity that leads to other forms of soil degradation erosion , compaction , etc. Pollution created "deposited" in water or land from existing pollution in the air atmosphere is known as atmospheric deposition. The most common chemicals involved are petroleum hydrocarbons , solvents , pesticides, lead , and other heavy metals. Where appropriate, new trees should be planted where others have been cut down to help curb soil erosion. In addition to endangering human health, soil pollution can also cause economic damage. Moreover, it can cause other health problems.

When mines were completely worked out, all that was left behind was contaminated land that couldn't be used for any other purpose. Therefore, these chemicals will not gradually decompose and keep on accumulating in the soil. Moreover, excess watering, improper maintenance of canals and irrigation channels, lack of crop rotation and intensive farming gradually decreases the quality of soil over time and cause degradation of land.

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The soil contamination can occur due to the presence of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, ammoniapetroleum hydrocarbonslead, nitrate, mercury, naphthalene, etc in an excess amount.

That leaves behind waste products and the chemicals used to process them, which historically were simply dumped back on the land. The gas emissions from our cars are monitored while many large cities have smog alerts. Many people think soil is soil, always there, never changing, ever ready to grow whatever crops we choose to bury in it.

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In short, our lives are as intimately tied to the surface of Earth as the plants that grow from the ground. As it is the byproduct of sewage treatment, it generally contains more contaminants such as organisms, pesticides, and heavy metals than other soil.

One infamous and now widely banned pesticide, DDTis not ordinarily biodegradable so it has remained in the environment ever since it was first used in the midth century and even spread to such places as Antarctica [5].

These practices should be avoided as they play a part in expediting soil erosion Recycle The old adage remains true — recycle, reduce, reuse.

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Draft SGVs for benzene, naphthalene and xylene have been produced but their publication is on hold. Urban Activities Lack of proper waste disposal, regular constructions can cause excessive damage to the soil due to lack of proper drainage and surface run-off.

Soil pollution effects

Pesticides Before World War II , the chemical nicotine chemical present in the tobacco plants was used as the pest controlling substance in agricultural practices. Bioremediation is another very promising land-cleaning technology, in which microbes of various kinds eat and digest waste and turn it into safer end-products; phytoremediation is a similar concept but involves using plants, such as willow trees, to pull contaminants from the soil. What kind of solutions? Deforestation doesn't only harm the place where the trees are cut down. Causes of Soil Erosion Definition of Soil Pollution Soil pollution refers to anything that causes contamination of soil and degrades the soil quality. Such contaminants include metals, inorganic ions and salts e. Remediation of oil contaminated sediments with self-collapsing air microbubbles.
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Soil Pollution: Definition, Causes, Pesticides, After