Students performance and the spread of social media and online games

Awinder Kaur; all I would say is many thanks. From their results analysis, they concluded and made recommendations for further research. This research finds Facebook to be the most popular social networking site among students as reported by some researchers and it has reached a one billion user base in October Posts tweets may contain images or text, links to other platforms can be embedded, and an incoming tweet can effortlessly be forwarded to everyone in an address list.

According to Hofstede and Hofstedethe social differences between nations have an impact on the importance individuals append to various parts of life. He further adds that although time spent on social media and academic performance is negatively correlated, this relationship in real world scenarios does not seem to be a major hurdle in academic success.

Smart maintained that social media users grew by million between second quarter of and third quarter of Media: Are all those media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience by mass communication.

questionnaire on impact of social media on students

Therefore, for the purpose of this study, academic performance can be defined as the ability to achieve educational goals by completing certain educational benchmark.

The study is of significant to parents in the sense that they will know the possible effects these social media usage has on their children, so as to serve as watch —dog to their children on the usage of the social networking site.

Social media effects on grades

In past Philippine presidential elections, the art of destruction was so intense it left a bad taste in the mouth. They pointed out that social media can be beneficial for both teachers and adult students in enhancing teaching and learning. Equally, Adidi and David maintained that interactive social media is a great tool that allows students to access, create and share knowledge by uploading pictures, videos, audios and other learning materials that will improve their academic performance. Kietzmann and Hermkens stated that social media eases communication among people regardless of geographical location thereby making it open to everyone to easily share information such as files, pictures, videos etc. Figure Understand topic better on social media than traditional class. The respondents belong to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs with a mean age of 21 years. Academic averages are normally calculated using grades from subjects that make up each area in the study plan and such performances are presented as either outstanding, average or failure. Scope and limitation of the study The focus of this research work is to primarily study the influence of social media on the academic performance of students.

Attention and taste grabbers are Binghe sa Sari-saring Lamandagat and Seafood paella. Website managers in back offices integrate the twitter feeds of frontline fighters with YouTube uploads and disseminate them to wider audiences.

I found these social sites helpful when one time I needed to communicate with my students, reminding them of their assignments and urgent requirements.

the impact of social media use on academic performance among university students

Additionally, the adverse effects of Facebook on academic performance contribute to the opinion that use of Facebook makes it hard for them to perform the best on their career performance. It is inherent on the individual to use social networking constructively, and parents must be especially careful to monitor their children's use of social networking to minimize the potential for negative outcomes.

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