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It is as though both children are being alienated due to their youth. Their parents get drunk. And all the winking glasses and shining plates and sparkling knives and forks—and all the food. They are dressed up like dolls and prepped to greet as if they have nothing original to contribute themselves. The children are not treated seriously in this story. And Moon held out her skirts by the tips and dragged one of her feet. The nature of Lego is that it is meant to be pulled apart — the pulling apart is part of the fun. He had a bag of tools on the piano and he had stuck his hat on a statue against the wall. Oh, the pets! Moon laughed, too; she always did the same as other people. Sun thought Mother would have been dreadfully cross. Then they are sent to bed. This shows she is sensual and tactile.

When Moon lets out a wail, he has realised something quite profound. He came up to Sun and rolled his eyes in a very nice way and said: "Hullo, my lad.

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They are an obstacle that she does not need around her. This is a little perplexing for Son; he is not used to seeing his parents like this. In reality there is no place at the party for either Sun or Moon and though Moon does not appear to mind this.

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Something which triggers an outburst from Sun. And Father said "Yes" and pretended to bite her white shoulder, but she pushed him away. Kin I eat it? The reader suspecting that Sun may have viewed the ice pudding to be perfect as it was unlike the environment he is growing up in. At the drawing-room door stood Mother fanning herself with a black fan. She only had time to say: "Out of my way, children! However, Cook is often overworked and therefore grumpy, as Sun observes. But she wasn't. That was for the concert. But Moon stopped a minute. You're nodding it now. She said: "Look.

Do have us down," said Moon. It was a little pink house with white snow on the roof and green windows and a brown door and stuck in the door there was a nut for a handle.

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Sun was undressed first, nearly to his skin, and dressed again in a white shirt with red and white daisies speckled on it, breeches with strings at the sides and braces that came over, white socks and red shoes.

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Short Story Analysis: Sun and Moon by Katherine Mansfield