The 14th century to the 16th century a time of success for the european and the chinese economies

Jacques Coeur is arrested and imprisoned in Pioneered in Egypt and China in very ancient times, this development does not occur in Europe until the 15th century AD. The Pax Mongolica and the Silk Road: 13th - 14th c. The influx of gold and silver may now be looked on as one factor in the Price Revolution, but far from the only one.

Advanced commercial development takes the place of industrial development in China: geographic unity, river systems, and canals facilitate the development of internal trade in China. Some of these slaves are used to work the settlers' estates in the Cape Verde islands.

european trade in the 15th century

It manifested itself in the so-called putting-out system. Shipbuilding steadily improved.

16th century europe

As a result, serfdom declined very widely in the West though not everywhere and this development was most pronounced in the same areas in which economic development had progressed the most.

In the letter Fugger plainly states that without his help, Charles might not have been elected.

16th century economy in europe

As security for the loan, and for later loans to the emperor, Fugger received some of the revenues of the Spanish crown.

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