The crucible act 3

Danforth orders Proctor to admit his allegiance with Satan, but Proctor cries out that God is dead, and that a fire is burning because the court is "pulling Heaven down and raising up a whore.

Danforth is surprised and turns to Parris, who confesses that he did.

The crucible act 3

Abigail rises and says no, there is no truth to it. The act ends by encompassing two central ironies. Should Jacobs hang, he would forfeit his property, and Putnam is the only person in Salem with the money to purchase such a tract. Danforth wants to hold him in contempt for withholding the name, and at the urging of Parris, Hathorne and Danforth claim that an honest man would definitely come forward. That's why reputation is so important in Salem. He may be correct, yet expresses his righteousness through means that make him an easy target for the likes of Abigail and Reverend Parris. There is too much fear of the court to come forward openly. He uses reason to persuade Proctor to drop his charges against Abigail, telling him that his wife is spared for at least a year and that he need not worry about her execution. Abigail Williams , in contrast, has moved from self-preservation to a more general lust for power. In a society built on social order, any deviation implies that you're against that order. Hale asks him if every defense is an attack on the court. The narrator describes Hathorne as a big, remorseless man in his sixties.

Act III Summary [A] person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between. Proctor claims it was a fit of temper, and Danforth continues questioning him—has he ever seen the Devil?

Proctor tells Danforth that Mary Warren never saw any spirits, and he presents a deposition signed by Mary Warren that asserts this. Abigail enters with the other girls. Hale focuses on evidence and logic, but Danforth is no longer interested.

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How can he continue to believe in a God who could let innocent people die because of the lies told by impressionable young girls led by Abigail not so impressionable and certainly selfish.

Hale denounces the court.

The crucible act 3 questions and answers

They accuse Mary of bewitching them with a cold wind. Danforth dupes himself. She will not be hanged until after she delivers. Elizabeth says only that she dissatisfied her, and Danforth asks her again why. The narrative does not tell us when Francis Nurse entered the scene, but perhaps the vestry is filled with people. Danforth asks Proctor if he is attempting to undermine the court. When she said she saw spirits, she really thought she did because of the hysterical reactions of the people around her. She says she did, but she is with God now.

He tells Giles that he is under arrest for contempt. Mary begs them to stop.

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The Crucible Act Three Summary and Analysis