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Compared to an ordinary, run-of-the-desert camel, a racing camel looks like an enormous over-tall greyhound.

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Although the large percentage of the UAE team has included expatriates from other cricketing nations, the country has produced many prominent homegrown talents as well, with examples including the likes of Sultan Zarawani , and Mohammad Tauqir. Dubai also hosts the world famous Dubai World Cup in racing. It involves long distance races on horseback. Camel racing is also still a huge part of Emirati culture and life today. Camels are able to start racing at the age of three — their racing careers last in between years for males and females normally race for a few years longer. There are two main breeds being raced, the Omani and Sudania which differ in color - the Omani being very light and the Sudania more of a tan color. Recently jockeys were banned from racing and instead robots were used it their place according to human right laws. In the past camel racing was part of private events like weddings, the sport became formal over the decades. Traditionally, a racing camel was fed on dates, honey, alfalfa, milk and seeds. Because camels' humps store fat-not water- lean, streamlined racing camels have very small, almost vestigial, humps. With further initiatives being taken to increase the number of homegrown talents by the Emirates Cricket Board , it is likely that very soon cricket will surpass football in popularity. Races take place almost every weekend in between the months of November and April, with the most important one taking place in Abu Dhabi. The game is experiencing a surge in popularity in the UAE with families coming to watch the games in big numbers. Nad Al Sheba Racecourse , 10 kilometers outside of Dubai, Al Wathba , 30 kilometers south-east of Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain track , which is 20 kilometers west of Al Ain, are all large, well-equipped camel tracks with high-tech facilities. They were never allowed to drink the day before a race and were prevented from feeding for the 12 hours prior to a race.

The Meydan race course of Dubai is one of the largest of its kind. Then, a crucial two-kilometer gallop decides which have the ability for racing.

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Others are spread throughout the desert areas. For instance, the rulers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi would compete against one another.

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The nation has itself hosted a major tournament, the Under Cricket World Cup. However, robot jockeys are now used after strict government regulations were passed prohibiting underage jockeys from racing.

In the time of the Bedouin, owning a camel was like a mutual agreement: the owners provided the animals with food, water and shelter — in return they received transportation, food and garments.

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His best results were 5th at the Rally Australia and 6th at the Acropolis Rallyas well as a 12th championship finish in and The Emirates Bird Society is doing a great job by making efforts to save and raise public awareness about this endangered species.

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