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For More Information Hunter, J. Although Defoe's The Shortest Way with the Dissenterswhich ridiculed the harshness of the Church of England, led to his arrest, the popularity of his Hymn to the Pillory indicated the favor that he had found with the London public.

Glaschu probably means "Green Hollow". There was no "true-born" Englishman, for the whole English nation, as then constituted, was the result of a mixture of various foreign elements.

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Robinson Crusoe At the age of fifty-nine, after a full career as businessman, government servant, political pamphleteer, and journalist, Defoe began a career as novelist. His father, James Foe, though a member of the Butchers' Company was a tallow chandler. He cannot be called a poet, in any strict, or high sense; but he showed himself master of verse of a certain order, plain, vigorous, sensible and convincing. Defoe confronted the storm of popular feeling with a splendid audacity, and belaboured the whole English nation with no light hand. It is a minute, and apparently exact and careful account of the Great Plague which desolated London in ; and it professes to be the Journal of an eye-witness, a saddler, who remained in the city during the pestilence. There's a problem with this paper. When the Whigs were in control, he served the Whigs, and when the Tories took their place, the Tories; and in doing this he stooped in one instance to a deception which it is certainly hard to defence. Daniel Defoe. He wrote more than five hundred books, pamphlets, articles, and poems.

Out of the fret and partisanship of an artificial time, when Pope and the rest are treating of the fashions and follies of the town, there comes suddenly the story of a far-away world; the story of a man in an almost primitive relation to nature, shut away from kings, or party squabbles, or political institutions, and set face to face with the first vital problem of the race, the problem of wresting food and clothing and shelter from the earth and the sea by the ingenuity of his mind and the labour of his hands.

Defoe, born a member of this dissenting middle-class in such and age, was by that very fact forced into a life of struggle and controversy if he remained true to his standard.

Not only does Defoe elevate individual British tradesmen to the level of gentlemanbut he praises the entirety of British trade as a superior system.

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He told Harley that he was "privy to all their folly" but "Perfectly unsuspected as with corresponding with anybody in England". Many regarded him with suspicion or contempt; he was a hanger-on of politicians, excluded from the select coterie of great writers, and a mark for the shafts of Addison and Swift; yet, at sixty, this journalist and political agent of questionable character published Robinson Crusoea story which promises to delight the world so long ans the spirit of manly adventure and the love of the marvellous survive in the heart of man.

The "Dear Green Place" and "City of God" required government troops to put down the rioters tearing up copies of the Treaty at almost every mercat cross in Scotland.

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Daniel Defoe added the De to his original last name Foe when he was forty. The local Tron minister urged his congregation "to up and anent for the City of God". He pointed out that those who proudly claimed superiority on the ground that they were "true-born" Englishmen were themselves of mixed descent. When the Roman Catholic James II ascended the throne in , Defoe—as a staunch Dissenter and with characteristic impetuosity—joined the ill-fated rebellion of the Duke of Monmouth , managing to escape after the disastrous Battle of Sedgemoor. The success of Robinson Crusoe diverted Defoe's energies into a new channel, and he wrote a number of other stories which make his later years the most brilliant literary period of his life. Giles Cripplegate, London. Early life. Defoe lacked many qualities which other great masters of fiction possessed; but, when he is within his own province, as in this Journal of the Plague, he has been seldom approached and perhaps never surpassed. Defoe took pains to give his history an air of objectivity by giving some space to arguments against the Union but always having the last word for himself. The author may have based his narrative on the true story of the shipwreck of the Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk.

There is no display of emotion; nothing but hard, awful fact. It was a time of political uncertainty and of rapid change.

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What hooks you? Who wrote this essay? He had pleased nobody, and, as he says, the whole "world flew at him like a dog with a broom at his tail. He pointed out that those who proudly claimed superiority on the ground that they were "true-born" Englishmen were themselves of mixed descent. By inheritance and conviction he was a Dissenter in religion; by occupation he belonged to the trading, or merchant class. In and Defoe published four successful books, each displaying his characteristically clear, strong English words. One can sail under false colours in order to deceive the enemy without being a traitor to one's country, and it is probable that Defoe looked upon double dealing as a legitimate part of the game of politics. He had a sister, Elizabeth, who was born a year earlier. As a Nonconformist , or Dissenter, Foe could not send his son to the University of Oxford or to Cambridge; he sent him instead to the excellent academy at Newington Green kept by the Reverend Charles Morton. His method was ironic: to discredit the highfliers by writing as if from their viewpoint but reducing their arguments to absurdity. He did the King good service by a pamphlet in defence of a standing army , and by some vigorous verses, The True-born Englishman, which greatly increased his reputation1 The occasion of this vigorous production was the growing unpopularity of the King, and the violent attackes which had been made upon him and his Dutch followers because of their foreign birth. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information.

A Journal of the Plague Year, issued in Marchpresented a picture of life in London during the Great Plague of ; it was thought to be history rather than fiction for more than a hundred years.

All his toil seemed to have brought him but little.

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