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The fact that he did not yet metamorphose makes it extremely easy for him to leave Verona, as there was nothing there to tie him to the place. The outlaws head to their leader Valentinebut on the way, they encounter Proteus and Julia still disguised as Sebastian.

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The narrator waited outside the room. Chambersfor example, believed that the play represents something of a gestation of Shakespeare's great thematic concerns.

Valentine supports this concept at the time when he queries Speed in regard to his impression of him. When he died, his three children were left to starve.

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The conflict of the play lies in the question, which is topical nowadays — several centuries afterwards — what is more important, love or friendship? Then, the boys are found with a bundle of unsold newspapers and are ready to sell them when the last bus arrived one night.

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Two Gentlemen of Verona Summary: Plot, Characters and More!