Theories of inventory management systems

This can be especially true if you wait to ship orders during a busy holiday season. If you wait until you have sales orders to make product, a rush might cause you to have to add a third shift or overtime workers, or hire another producer to help you fill orders. A second issue is related to changes in demand predictable or random for the product.

In other words, lower-tier suppliers are left holding the bag forthe big boys like GM and Wal-Mart.

inventory management models

Another example is a furniture store. As stores begin to deplete stock, the central warehouse or ordering office is notified to order replacement items, based on pre-determined mathematical models.

inventory forecasting theory

Bigger was better. This helps reduce carrying costs, which can include the interest on credit needed to build inventory. Vast warehouses filled to capacityensured efficient assembly lines and guaranteed that, come hell orhigh water, production would never stop.

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Large orders will increase the amount of inventory on hand, which is costly, but may benefit from volume discounts. You might also have higher production and shipping costs if you wait until the last minute. A second issue is related to changes in demand predictable or random for the product. Each of these theories is designed to ensure needed items are in stock for customers when needed without wasting supplies or spending a fortune on excess stock. And the wholesale market is not perfect' there can be considerable delays, particularly with the most popular toys. But now thatequation has changed. If you are a manufacturer, you will need to take into account the seasonal availability of labor and materials and any price fluctuations. This can be a risky proposition if one part of your supply chain, such as your ability to get materials or labor, is interrupted. This essentially means keeping items in stock and ordering more when levels begin to drop. With improved coordination this buffer inventory could be eliminated. References 5. Issues[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. Manufacturers of extremely expensive products, such as airplanes, use a just-in-time inventory system, but it is also employed for items at the other end of the spectrum -- custom floral arrangements, for example, or wedding cakes. Otherwise, you will have to turn customers away when the item is out of stock. Leaner and Meaner In the big picture, American business has succeeded in its quest torun lean.

Chinese English Inventory Management Theory Companies used to measure their muscle by the size of theirinventory. So, the entrepreneur or business manager will buy speculatively.

theoretical background of inventory management
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Reconstructing inventory management theory