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He remained devoted to the idea of socialism, and twice ran for Mayor on a socialist platform. London chose to use nature as the antagonist, almost as a force working against the main character in his struggle for survival. He first notices it is below negative 50 when he spits onto the ground, but his spit freezes and cracks in the air rather than on the ground like it would do at negative Social Darwinists and naturalists cited this as proof that organisms, including humans, do not have free will, but are shaped, or determined, by their environment and biology. William Chaney deserted Flora. Of the second accident, London ambiguously writes that it was the man's "own fault or, rather, his mistake. He falls again, and makes one last panicked run and falls once more. He is as disinterested in nature as it is in him. The water on its feet and legs freezes immediately and the dog lays down in the snow to bite away the chunks of ice. The man is thinking like an animal, putting survival above all other considerations.

That tends not to work out in most stories. The dog watches him, and the man is envious of the dog's natural warmth.

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The mention of these concealed streams is a clear example of foreshadowing. He remained devoted to the idea of socialism, and twice ran for Mayor on a socialist platform.

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Naturalists argued that the deterministic world is based on a series of links, each of which causes the next for more on these causal links, see Causal links and processes, below. In the same way, the dog does not care about the man, only about itself. The protagonist of this story is a man who is a newcomer to the Klondike region and is traveling during his first winter there, accompanied only by a native husky. The dog wants to remain with the fire or at least burrow in the snow, but since there is no "keen intimacy" between the two, the dog does not try to warn the man for his own sake; it is concerned only with its own well-being. The man has more trouble this time around because his fingers are so numb he can't pull a single match away from his pack of seventy. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations The man removes his mittens to pile the sticks and light the fire and his fingers quickly grow numb. He panics and runs fearfully along the creek trail, the dog at his heels.

At once patch, he sends the dog across first. Nature has indifferently and deterministically created these new conditions for the man.

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His frozen beard prevents his biting into it, and his fingers and toes are numb, so he decides to build a fire. He is also confident in his survival skills, which rely on man-made resources, and not natural abilities. As the night comes, it comes closer and detects death in the man's scent. He calls out to the dog, but something fearful and strange in his voice frightens the dog. However, he still refuses to consider the possibility of his own death and he still focuses on the practical steps toward survival. The tree above held a large amount of snow on its branches, and, as the man pulled sticks from the lower branches, he jostled the tree. Still, "mistake" suggests some individual responsibility or lack thereof, at least more than "luck" does.

The man is used to having a plan and is surprised when he cannot grasp the dog or kill it, especially because he starts to carry out his plan and then is forced to abandon the idea. He eventually bites a match and lights it on his leg.

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