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English conversation topics for beginners pdf

Is there life after death? This topic is often a favorite for all. How can one become millionaire? Games Games are fun and everybody enjoys fun, no? A few questions that are suitable are: How important is learning? Can you be too young to be in love? Should nuclear energy be exploited for commercial purpose or abandoned because of associated risks? What is your favorite country to live? What is a common first date like in your country? You know, a discussion like the ones they regularly have in their own language!

What was the first computer you ever had like? What will be the most important things for you in the future? Cats or dogs?

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Internet should be censored. Tell us about a signature dish you cook?

Three tips you would like to give to others on growing their money. After the conversation, you should spend few minutes analyzing what went right and what went wrong. What do you usually order at a restaurant? Should the movie content be regulated for this? Tell us about your pets 7. What do you do to keep fit? Should drugs be legalized?

Should schools do away with uniform? How competitive are you when it comes to games? Can children and their parents be good friends?

Topic speaking english

What has been your biggest success so far? Most people in most countries do a good amount of cooking. Is peer pressure harmful or beneficial to individuals? What would you do if you get one million US dollars? Few areas of improvement would be obvious to you, but few can be discovered through feedback from the other person. Some are risk-oriented, others are risk-averse. Should time on social media sites be limited to an hour a day? You could ask questions like: How many first dates have you had?

What could be other ways? What would you most like to learn?

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Plans Everybody makes plans and discussing them could even influence the class to start making plans of their own! What do you think will be the future of computers?

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What country would you like to live in? Do you believe in love at first sight?

English speaking topics for beginners

Books Books make for a good discussion topic because most people enjoy a good book. Topics for speaking in English Lessons Advertisements There are a lot of topics to speak about. Luckily, they come to the classroom with a unique advantage. Are single-sex schools more effective than co-ed schools? If tomorrow was your last day to live, what would you do? What would you tell your children about beauty? Good questions include: How often do you go to restaurants? How do certain kinds of music make you feel? What do you do when you feel demotivated?

Restaurants Along with eating, everybody loves talking about their favorite eateries and restaurants.

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