War is futile

If Germany had won the first world war Britain, although probably safe from invasion thanks to the Royal Navy, would have been reduced to a state of siege, shut out of Europe.

Today, the majority of those killed in warfare are non-belligerents. As the death toll mounts, we cannot but help reflect on the passing of what has been a violent and destructive time in human history. The liberal philosophy of Bentham and Bastiat had not yet completed its work of removing trade barriers and government meddling with business when the counterfeit theology of the divine state began to take effect. There is no reason to idolize the police power and ascribe to it omnipotence and omniscience. In its context the state, the social apparatus of violent oppression, is entrusted with the protection of the smooth operation of the market economy against the onslaughts of antisocial individuals and gangs. But this will not alter things, it will merely prolong for a short time the process of the complete destruction of civilization. But high rates of trauma contributed to 20 per cent of the veterans being unemployed, making that transition harder, leading in some cases to suicide. Any assessment of the meaning of victory has to include an examination of outcomes into the future.

Man curbs his innate instinct of aggression in order to cooperate with other human beings. Australian Defence Force: CPL Christopher Dickson Late April is a sombre time in Australia as on Anzac Day we rightly remember and honour the heroism and dedication of those whose lives were lost, and celebrate those who have survived the wars fought by our nation.

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Interventionism generates economic nationalism, and economic nationalism generates bellicosity. The 21st century has made society inclusive to war.

War is futile

That was a staggering loss. World War II, with its incomprehensible savagery and casualties, perhaps more than any war, demonstrates the futility of war.

It cannot be preserved under the ideology of government omnipotence. Would it not be easy for the army of Ruritania to crush Laputania's contemptible forces? Just because of the greed of a few people, thousands of lives are sacrificed. They never lead to growth and prosperity. There is loss of life and property and it benefits neither of the countries involved. In reality, the victors in World War II suffered along with the vanquished; with the possible exception of the United States, they lost their empires, they did not achieve peace in Europe or Asia, and they were forced to transform themselves into armed societies. I am not the only historian to be uneasy about this. Forced labourers were deported to Germany under terrible conditions. The 21st century has made society inclusive to war. The human race will need to reflect at the end of this decade if it wants to remember its humanity or excel in death and destruction of the previous decades. World War II, with its incomprehensible savagery and casualties, perhaps more than any war, demonstrates the futility of war.

Looking 25 years after the fighting ended it is possible to see what could not be seen in As British planners recognised during the first world war, had London been forced to come to terms with a victorious Germany, any peace could only have been temporary.

The idea of mass war enthusiasm in August has been shown to be something of a myth. Unlike Hitler's regime, the Kaiser's was not consciously genocidal, but it was aggressive and brutal enough.

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Rather, the first world war was an existential struggle, just as much a war of national survival for the British as the second world war. Whole peoples are exploited by domestic and foreign powers.

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