What makes a good english teacher essay

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Bloom 7 October Good Teacher vs. By choosing which station we wanted to work at, we were becoming much more interested in what we were learning because we were doing what we wanted to do, not what we had to do. This is because only by doing so will the students feel their passion and hard work. If the teachers giving appropriate learning, students will acquire good study results. The Good Teacher Vs. They check our nails weekly to maintain cleanliness and hygiene and prevent us from diseases. There was a large array of crayons, markers, scissors, construction paper and building materials we could use to make pretty decorations to give to our parents for our homes. He is very sincere with his job. Teacher knows the ability of each and every student and tries for them accordingly. Language teaching is a very complicated art. English teachers should be able to master the basic skills and techniques in teaching.

Sir Rajesh always inspires us and he makes us to do something good in our life. A teacher is always very important for us because he gives bookish as well as practical knowledge and sometimes practical knowledge is very important.

What makes a good english teacher essay

Who is a Teacher? In this section, an important idea was when Horace Mann said that teachers should know how to teach and know how to teach a certain subject. In this case, the teacher is not only active in the classroom, but teachers are also active outside the classroom. Good teachers are also the best friends of their students who help them in deciding true path in their life. Even tough people listened to Mann, there were still schools that made teachers teach the same lessons. They equip students with lots of knowledge, skills and positive attitudes so that students can never feel lost and go ahead. Many teachers do not accommodate their teaching to the way the brain requires learning. They try their best and do all efforts in helping us to achieve our goals in life. It needs lots of courage and knowledge to teach and be in this profession. A teacher can be any one, depending on the circumstances. It is seen throughout daily life that teachers that are experienced in real life are vastly different from what people see in all forms of media.

Teachers, sometimes award their students for their great works however sometimes punish them to let them understand that they did something wrong which is bad for their life. In reverse, if the teacher not giving appropriate learning, the possibility of students will not acquire good study results.

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Therefore English teachers not only have the skills is needed, but the activity, the attitude and also the ability of teachers to implement teaching methods are factors that must be mastered by English teachers.

He is very sweet, kind heart, lovely and like a friend of all students. He is very sincere with his job.

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But how do we know who is a good teacher?

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What makes a good teacher? Essay