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It includes a glimpse of nudity and suggested sex, two bloody deaths and some strong language. The Mexican actor Eduardo Lopez Rojas is especially fine as Jose in the 's and 's, a man who reacts with believable confusion and anger when his son Chuco says, "I don't want to be like you.

Like Paco, Mr. This film is rated R. With a deft touch that lightens the story, and the charismatic presence this film has needed all along, Mr.

And though Jimmy also faces tragedy, and estrangement from his young son, Mr.

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Above all, however, it is faithful to its title, presenting the newest portrait of an ancient truth -- of all the ties that bind humans to each other, none is more lasting than that of birth and blood. The 50's, with its parties and dances is shot in bright balloon colors.

The rough opening scene sets the tone: A family is sitting down for dinner when there's a knock at the door; when the father goes to open it, he's blasted across the floor.

Certain emotions, beliefs, and hopes cross racial lines, and it is through these that My Family finds its strength. The film runs the audience through a range of emotions from laughter to tears, but the tone retains a sense of hopefulness.

My Family United States, It takes him a year.

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To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Working with cinematographer Ed Lachmanhe uses color filters, smoke, shafts of sunlight and other effects to make some scenes painterly with beauty and color - and he has used a painter, Patssi Valdez, to design the interior of the Sanchez home.

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